Professionalism And Communication

you are required to say thank you to two different people who were instrumental in your life. One thank you should be done verbally (face-to-face) and the other thank you should be done via electronic communication (text, email, FaceTime, IG, Snap Chat, Skype, etc). Write a minimum of three paragraphs for each Thank You type […]

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Epic Ways of Killing a Woman

1. Two Summaries Read “Medon Meets a Cyclops” and “Epic Ways of Killing a Woman,” then write a summary of that article, no more than ½ page in length, which explains the article’s main claim and the arguments it uses to support that claim. 2. One poem Write 20-40 lines of epic poetry about your […]

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Abstract Beauty in East Asian Calligraphy

Identify abstract beauty in East Asian calligraphy, using aesthetic elements and concepts such as line, shape, form, composition, rhythm, and movement, balance, and equilibrium to explain it.

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Reading Reflection

Part 1 READ the text1 in the attachment and answer both of the following questions. 1. In Chapter 5: “The Spiteful Chant,” Miles Marshall Lewis traces the history of the relationship between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. How did the interaction between the two artists influence Kendrick’s work? In other words, why does Lewis think the […]

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