Information System

Professionalism And Communication

1: Describe what a world without communication would look like to you? 2: How does communication differ in person versus electronic communication?For more information on professionalism And Communication check this:

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The Benefits Of E-Commerce

How do you define e-commerce? What business processes does it encompass? What do you think are the three primary business benefits of an e-commerce operation for a retail organization interacting with its customers? What different benefits might a manufacturing organization expect to achieve using e-commerce to interact with its suppliers? Answer the prompt and respond […]

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Interpret Statistical Output

Now that you have analyzed your data, you will need to interpret the output that you obtained from your data analysis. Specifically, you need to discuss what the data analysis findings mean in relation to your research questions and hypotheses, and what actions should be taken as a result. For this assignment, you must provide […]

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Website Comparison

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Select a website and compare how it looks on 2 different monitors, browsers, or computers running different operating systems. Be sure you look at every first-level page of the site. What are the different browsers, monitors, or operating systems that you compared the website to? […]

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Technological Innovation

An organization’s creativity is influenced by several factors, including the creative approach of its employees, the organization’s social processes, incentives, and organizational structures that promote interactions. It is important for organizations to consider these factors to drive innovation and remain competitive. In this assignment, you will analyze the importance of technological innovation and the sources […]

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Business Intelligence

Discussion 1 (Chapter 8): Excel is probably the most popular spreadsheet software for PCs. Why? What can we do with this package that makes it so attractive for modeling efforts? Your response should be 250-300 words. Respond to two postings provided by your classmates. There must be at least one APA formatted reference (and APA […]

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Management Support System

You are a consultant that specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). You have been hired by a small start-up manufacturing company, with fewer than 500 hundred employees, that specializes in electronic devices. The CEO of the company would like to incorporate a management support system (MSS) into the organization to help in making business decisions. […]

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Comprehensive Learning Assessment

Comprehensive learning Assessment – 6 pages paper, need a minimum of six (6) peer-reviewed sources. 1. Identify the three major types of controls that organizations can use to protect their information resources and provide an example of each one. 2. What is TCP/IP? Explain its layers and how they are used. 3. Discuss the ethical and […]

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Information Technology & Data Analytics

What are your predictions about where technology is heading in the upcoming years? Please choose two that are not included in the materials of the class, and justify your answer. What is the topic from the class you believe it will be the most useful to you and why? Was there any topic you wanted […]

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Cyberlaw-One Key Takeaway

Write One Takeaway or Discovery about Cyberlaw from the Article attached 200 words no references. no citations. one learning from record based on Cyberlaw

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