Painters Studio

1- Read and watch the video: Courbet: the Painter’s Studio https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/becoming-modern/avant-garde-france/realism/v/courbet-the-artist-s-studio-1854-55 https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/becoming-modern/avant-garde-france/realism/a/courbet-the-artists-studio-a-real-allegory-summing-up-seven-years-of-my-artistic-and-moral-life 2- Write a response discussing the content of the work, identify the characters in the painting, and give the overall meaning of the work. 300 words.

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Timeline of Events

Timeline of events – what was happening that was important to the time and influences society, lifestyles, occupations, etc. Use the timeline from the text, but fill in the blanks with important influences to the Zeitgeist and fashion of the times. How does the fashion of the time reflect the Zeitgeist of the time? What […]

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Artwork Created By A Woman

3-4 page, Frida Kahlo What identifying information can you supply about the artwork and the artist? Why did you select this artwork to share and to write about? What do you see in this artwork? Be sure to provide sufficient details. What do you think and feel about this artwork? What meaning does this artwork […]

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