Basic Function Of Heart

Help This week’s assignment is a 2-page (at minimum) paper regarding the basic function of the heart, its’ electrical system, and why an AED is an effective treatment for sudden cardiac arrest. The major focus of this paper should be on the electrical system and the AED treatment. Therefore, only a brief summary of the […]

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Purpose Of Study

In a single page, present the statement of the purpose of the study (i.e., by completing the statement, “The purpose of the study is to…”) and then follow up with the relevant research questions. Remember, the purpose of the study is to gain information to address the problem introduced in Assignment 1 (Statement of the […]

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Technology Expectations And Responsibilities

Refer to “Teaching and Learning in the New Digital World” from Educational Impact in this week’s Learning Activities folder. Answer the following questions using what you have learned from Dr. Warlick’s presentation video: How would you describe the evolution of technology? How is this evolution different for teachers than for students? What are the “3 […]

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Special Ed Transition Meeting

Assessment Description All special educators who teach secondary students will be required to create transition plans that are meaningful and appropriate for the student. Transition plans go one step further than the IEP by adding specific goals and services that will help the student be successful after graduation in future education and training, in the […]

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Child Development

using your favorite theorist, apply that theory to brain development as it was discussed in our readings. You may also include the impact of culture, early physical growth, and similar factors that impact the overall development of the child. For more information on child Development check on this:

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Instructional Strategies

What are some strategies you use to teach foundational reading skills (concepts of print, phonological awareness, phonics, and fluency) to ELLs? What strategies do you use for vocabulary development and student practice? What are some strategies you use to teach the elements of language (phonetics, phonology, morphology, lexicon, semantics, syntax, and pragmatics) to ELLs? How […]

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What is Hellenization? How did the conquests of Alexander the Great result in widespread Hellenization?

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Cycles of Passion Predictions and Responses

Describe the three cycles of passion predictions and responses. What verse serves as a key theme verse for Mark’s gospel?

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Cultural Diversity

Based on the information you read about cultural diversity in literacy classrooms, how do you see yourself implementing strategies to help bridge the gap for those that have culturally diverse needs in your classroom? Be sure that you give at least two specific examples and thoroughly explain how you would implement these strategies.

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Approaches To Teaching Phonics

INSTRUCTIONS Putting it into Practice: You have a student who is struggling with your synthetic approach to teaching phonics. Starting in Ch. 6 on page 153 section 6-5, your textbook gives you several different Approaches and Guidelines for Teaching Phonics. Explain two alternative approaches to phonics instruction that you could use to help this student […]

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