Applied Science

Considering Your Audience

Up to this point in the course, you have focused on the academic process of researching, evaluating sources, and writing an exploration document that is mostly for you and your instructor. This week, you started to look into evaluating your audience for a presentation and considering how you might tailor your writing or speaking to […]

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Kinect And Aviva Gaming

Read the following article or others that you can find through your own research on exergaming, then address the questions below in a two-page, double-spaced document: What are ways can you think of that relate good health and an active lifestyle to video games? Think about the following aspects: As a consumer or gamer, […]

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Human Geography U5 CT

Do you think that animism is common in world religions? What are some of the ways in which religion provides structure to an adherent’s daily life? How does evangelism affect diffusion? Some religions have holy sites while others do not. Do you think that holy sites add significance to a cultural group? What are some […]

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Career Exploration

Each student will choose his or her area of interest within the discipline. You will complete a report related to employment opportunities, issues and trends, the population with whom he or she would be working, typical beginning salary levels, educational requirements/training, and the advantages/disadvantages of working in this specific area. Your headings and information should […]

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Entity Relationship Diagram

Perform an internet search to locate a sample entity relationship diagram. Copy and paste or insert the diagram into an MS Word document. Include information about the source of this image right underneath it. In the document, explain how the diagram represents the use of databases. Minimum 1 page Describe how this information can be […]

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Cloudy With A Chance Of Data

Imagine that you are a healthcare manager for a hospital that is considering the use of cloud-based storage for patient data. You are responsible for making a recommendation for cloud-based storage. Evaluate the case studies and articles that explore the use of Big Data and Cloud-based storage: “Big Data Ethics” (Richards & King, Wake Forest Law […]

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Optimizing Technology

(1) Create a workflow diagram to demonstrate a process in healthcare. To construct your diagram, you can use symbols and shapes found in Microsoft Word. (If you aren’t familiar with using symbols and shapes in Word, the NAU Online Library’s Learning Express video tutorials can help, or you can view “Creating a Simple Flowchart in Microsoft Word,” […]

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Economic Credentialing

Complete the Problem beginning on page 463 of your text titled “Problem: Economic Credentialing” in a one to two-page paper. Submit the completed assignment to your instructor. See page 369 for a general description of Marcus Welby Hospital. You are the lawyer for Marcus Welby Community Hospital. The administrator approaches you about how to amend […]

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Fraud And Abuse

Complete the Problem on page 573 of the text as a three to four-page paper. A general description of Marcus Welby Hospital is located here. You are outside counsel to the Marcus Welby Healthcare Corporation, which among its other operations owns durable medical equipment (DME) subsidiary, which sells equipment for home use such as crutches, wheelchairs, […]

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The Role Of A Health Care Manager

Provide a 200- to 350-word response to each of the following prompts in which you identify and discuss the role of the health care manager in the following 4 office management functions: organizing, planning, controlling, and leading. Use your own words and do not copy your definitions directly from the textbook. 1. Define how the task of organizing relates to […]

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