I Hate Homework; How to Force Yourself to Do Homework

If you constantly find yourself thinking ‘I hate homework’, you are not alone. Many students lack the motivation to write their homework since it is time-consuming and tedious.

With the right strategies, you will no longer say, “I hate homework; you can overcome the dread and gain motivation to handle your assignment. Here are reasons why you hate homework and how to force yourself to do it:


Why Do I Hate Homework?

It is common to feel dread whenever your teacher assigns you tasks. Homework requires your total attention and adequate time to read through instructions and write compelling work. This could leave you exhausted and, in some cases, burnt out. Here are some more reasons why most students grumble, I hate homework:

It Is Time-Consuming

Completing your homework is time-consuming, especially if you lack the experience and skill to write quality work. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, impacting your grades negatively.

If you are juggling school and a part-time job or family commitments, you have difficulty completing your homework. You need to leave your part-time job or request leave days to focus on your assignments. This may result in dreading anytime your lecturer assigns you homework.

Homework is Boring and Tedious

Having homework after school means less time for relaxation and fun with friends and family. For instance, if your family is going out on vacation during a weekend, you may be left behind to work on your homework. Also, after a tiring day, you would rather enjoy your free time than do your homework.


You Desire to Be Perfect

You may dread having any homework for fear of failing. As a perfectionist, you require ample time to write quality papers and thoughts of failing may scare you. This fear could result in the complaint, I hate homework.

Burn Out

Undertaking your course can be exhausting, resulting in burnout. This leads to struggles to complete different tasks, including homework; eventually, you dread having any homework tasks.

Burnout also results in a lack of motivation to work on your assignments, even when the deadline is approaching. When it happens, all you want to do is relax and avoid time-consuming activities, such as completing homework.

Homework can be Complex

Homework can be challenging to complete, especially when it is complex and requires extensive research. In this case, you struggle to conduct research and write quality papers. This could result in you hating homework.

If you struggle understanding homework instructions, you may encounter hardships completing your assignments. This can be frustrating and could result in a negative attitude towards homework.

Tasks Have Tight Deadlines

Most homework has tight deadlines: your tutor often requires you to submit it in the next one or two days. This results in you feeling the pressure to complete your tasks even when you are exhausted from learning all day. If you have missing assignments, you may have to suffer consequences such as getting some marks deductions. Get to learn how to finish your missing assignments fast.

Tight deadlines and heavy punishments for late delivery results could leave you frustrated. They deter your goals from succeeding in schoolwork, resulting in hate for homework.

Why Does Homework Exist?

Homework is a tool teachers use to improve your understanding of core concepts learned in class. Below are some of the critical reasons why homework exists:

Helps Your Revise

Homework is an effective revision tool that helps you review your previous lessons. As per  Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve, anytime you learn a concept, your memory of it decreases within the first day. The best way to retain concepts is to revise them within 24 hours of learning them.

Homework is provided the same day you learn a given concept. It allows you to review all the lessons learned on that day, helping you improve your memory, and perform better in your course.

Repeating classroom concepts and ideas at home helps to cement all ideas learned. For instance, you experience the value of repetition in mathematics. When you first learn a maths formula, it seems challenging to grasp. With repetition, you reinforce the lessons learned in class, and the formula sticks with you.

Grants You a Review of Future Classes

Having homework assignments also helps you read ahead of the teacher and understand concepts before class. Sometimes, your teacher may ask you to answer questions about ideas you still need to cover. This results in reading ahead of the instructor and quickly understanding the concepts during class time.

Homework also allows your instructor to have an easy time when teaching. You understand some concepts before class and thus understand everything in less time.

Warrants You Additional Time to Learn

If you have trouble concentrating in class, homework is a way to catch up with your classmates. Questions provided in your homework are obtained from the day’s lessons. This allows you to review what you learned during the day and research further for a clear understanding.

With homework, you do not have to follow your classmate’s pace. You have time after classes to read through slowly, grasping any concepts not understood when your instructor was teaching.

In most cases, teachers review homework allowing you to understand anything you have missed in class. If you still struggle with some areas, consult your tutor for further explanation. This helps you pass your assignments and get a good overall grade.

Allows You to Prepare for Tests and Real Life

Homework allows you to stay on top of your course studies and helps you pass your tests. It equips you with the discipline to complete your tasks on time and meet your tutor’s requirements. This helps you get ready for the real world, where you should have the self-discipline to succeed at anything.

How to Force Yourself to Do Homework

Finding the motivation to complete your homework can be challenging, especially when there are other obligations and responsibilities competing for your attention. Here are a few strategies you can implement to force yourself to complete your homework:

Set a Schedule

Creating a schedule allows you to manage your time and helps to prevent procrastination. You can set aside a specific time every day to complete your homework. Ensure you stick with the time allocated to avoid time wastage and missing your instructor’s deadline.

Scheduling your homework also helps you to feel organized and motivated to work on your tasks. This ensures that all your assignments are completed at the right time, and in case you need clarification in some areas, you have the time to inquire with your lecturer.

Break Tasks Down

If you have an extensive homework assignment, divide it into small manageable parts. This makes the homework easier and allows you to complete each segment without feeling pressured.

It is common to get lazy and procrastinate when working on an enormous task. This results in working on the task when the deadline is approaching. Subdividing your homework assignment into sections reduces procrastination and motivates you to handle all tasks within the deadline.

Take Breaks

Whenever you feel burnt out or overwhelmed when working on your paper, it is helpful to pause and relax. Take a few minutes to get a snack, stretch, or walk when doing your homework. This helps you stay focused on what is at stake and renew your energy. After taking a short break, you continue working on your order, feeling charged.

Avoid taking long breaks when handling your homework. They may distract you from the writing process and lead to late delivery of your papers.

Reward Yourself

If you struggle to write your homework, use rewards to motivate yourself. Set up a system where you get rewarded for completing a certain amount of work daily. This could range from watching your favorite series or eating candy. Rewards grant you motivation and eliminate procrastination when doing your homework.

Get Rid of Distractions

When focusing on your homework, the best thing to do is eliminate distractions such as switching off your phone. This prevents you from going to social media or getting calls from friends that may derail you from completing your assignment. It also avoids time wastage and makes sure your paper is complete before the deadline.

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Completing your homework is time-consuming and tedious and could lead to a negative attitude toward assignments. You may be forced to leave your part-time jobs or be left behind when family and friends go on vacations resulting in more dread for these tasks.

If you are one of those students who always say,” I hate homework,” you can force yourself by developing a simple strategy. It involves scheduling time for homework, dividing your assignment into manageable tasks, taking breaks, and eliminating distractions during the writing process.

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