Can You Write a Dissertation in a Day? 7 Useful Hacks

Many scholars ask if it is possible to write a dissertation in a day. A dissertation is one of the most extensive research papers that require in-depth research and strong analytical and writing abilities. Most people assume you need weeks to conduct research and write a compelling dissertation, which is untrue. You could write a dissertation in a day if well prepared. Here’s how;Write a Dissertation in a Day


Decide on Your Dissertation Topic First

Finding a compelling topic with enough data is the key to having an easy time writing your dissertation. Below is a guide to help you find the right topic for your dissertation:

Select A Topic You Find Interesting

Finding a fascinating topic gives you the motivation and passion for writing your dissertation. Select a topic related to your career or any subject you find interesting.

To develop your topic, skim through different subject areas in top journals. Be sure to confirm the most cited article, as researchers and readers find them inspirational—also, search sites such as Google Scholar or your university library’s resources to get inspiration.

As you read through different ideas and subject areas, make a shortlist of topics that interest you. Research more into those topics and narrow it to the topic you feel most comfortable researching.

Be Objective

Choosing an interesting topic is crucial, but remember your dissertation’s purpose. Be sure that your topic is practical, scholarly, and socially relevant to your field of study. To maintain objectivity, verify that your topic fits the following criteria:

  • Academic Relevance: The research needs to fill in a gap in knowledge within your field of study.
  • Social Relevance: Your study needs to inform social change or advance the understanding of society.
  • Practical Relevance: The study must be applied to solve real-life problems in your study area.

Don’t Be Too Narrow

When settling for a topic, only ask questions or topics that are narrow enough or small. They make it challenging to come up with detailed points and well-rounded conclusions. Also, avoid yes or no questions when choosing your topics, as they lack adequate data.

Decide How Long Your Dissertation Will Be and Create a Map

write a dissertation in a day

In most cases, your paper’s length is provided by your lecturer. They provide a word limit you must write to get a high score on your dissertation paper. If the word count is not provided, follow the following steps to come up with the length of your dissertation:

Write Chapter Headings and Word Counts Next to Them

Divide your dissertation paper into subsections, including the research question, objectives, and findings. Breaking down this huge task into manageable tasks will help you write a dissertation in a day. Here are the chapter headings that should always be present in your dissertation.

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Discussion and analysis
  • Limitations
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix

Indicate a realistic number of words you plan to write in every chapter. Some chapters only need a small word count, while others carry extensive information requiring more words. The number of words you dedicate to each section will depend on your paper’s requirements.

Give Each Chapter One Key Deduction/ Learning

Identify a key deduction for each chapter to make your writing process as simple as possible. For example, highlight that you’ll summarize your research study in the introduction and provide different findings in the literature review. This gives you a straightforward approach to handling each chapter, making your writing process faster.

Then Make a List of The Material You Will Include in Each Chapter

Create a list of all the materials and content to include in every chapter. This warrants that you remember some content during the writing process. For example, if you used five articles and books to research content for different chapters, note them down.

Laying out all the materials you will include in every chapter simplifies your project and helps you write a dissertation in a day.  If you lose motivation to write one of the chapters, you can head on to other, more easily crafted chapters.

Set A Time for Writing Each Chapter

You must set a time to write each dissertation chapter; you only have one day. Approximate the hours you’ll spend writing every chapter and stick to your plan. As long as you understand your topic and know precisely what you want to discuss, this won’t be a problem. Save as much time as possible since you have a limited period to complete your dissertation. Remember that you have to race against time in order to write a dissertation in a day.

Keep Your Technological Devices to a Minimum

Once you start writing, avoid using your phone, television, or other technological devices.  Checking your phone after a few minutes is a distraction that might cost you to complete your dissertation paper on time. Put your phone on airplane mode to avoid getting messages from friends.

If you are tempted to use your phone or watch a few movie episodes on your TV, visit your local library. This forces you to concentrate on the writing process without any distractions. Watching other people focus on writing their assignments or reading in a library also gives you the motivation you need.

Feel Enthusiastic About What You Are Writing

Being passionate about writing your dissertation drives you to meet your deadline. When you are passionate about something, you quickly make the necessary effort to attain your goals.

Feeling enthusiastic about the topic you are writing about also impacts your writing. Your enthusiasm shines throughout your paper, and you will craft amazing content.

Visualize how the words you use bring value to anyone reading your dissertation. This ensures that your motivation remains high throughout the writing process. It also makes your dissertation as interesting as possible for your readers.

Take Short Breaks After Writing Each Chapter

Taking short breaks helps you remain productive throughout the day. After all, you are not a machine; you’ll need a few minutes to relax and breathe fresh air.  This helps you return to the writing process feeling rejuvenated to keep writing.

Schedule breaks after every chapter or several words to avoid too many breaks. You only need to take a few breaks to avoid wasting time.

Ask for Dissertation Help Online

You cannot complete your dissertation in one day; get dissertation help online. Professional writers have the skill and experience to write a dissertation in a day.  They are well-versed in the structural and formatting requirements of dissertation papers, helping you deliver a quality paper.

Working with experts ensures that every chapter of your dissertation is crafted per your lecturers’ requirements.  Dissertation writers use advanced software to scan your paper for grammatical errors, typos, or plagiarism. You also get the chance to focus on your job or go out with friends knowing you will receive a quality dissertation paper.

Helpful Tips to Write A Dissertation in A Day

There must be more than a fascinating research topic and a great execution plan to complete your dissertation in a single day. You need different skills and abilities to have the capacity to write so many words within a short time.  Here are more tips on how to write a dissertation in a day.

· Quick Typing

If you want to finish your dissertation in one day, you must be quick with your hands. Fast typing helps you to save time by inputting your ideas as quickly as feasible.

· Thorough Understanding of The Dissertation Topic

You should clearly understand your topic to avoid confusion during the writing process.  You may spend much time researching and comprehending if you are unsure about some areas in your dissertation.  This may impact your ability to complete your research in one day.

· Academic Writing Abilities

Having academic writing abilities ensures you are following your paper’s required structural and formatting requirements. You need to express ideas and support them with facts and statistics over providing your personal opinions in your dissertation. Also, use a formal tone in your writing; avoid slang, jargon, and abbreviation when crafting your paper.

· Choose Music to Keep You Going

Writing while listening to relaxing music helps you focus on your writing. Your choice of music depends on your taste; you can listen to blues, reggae, trap, or instrumentals when writing your paper. Ensure your volume is low to avoid getting distracted by too much noise.

· Eating Brain Foods

Eating foods that boost brain functionality also helps to improve your memory and critical thinking skills which will help you write a dissertation in a day. Leafy greens such as spinach, kale, broccoli, and collards are rich in folate, beta carotene, lutein, and Vitamin K, boosting concentration. This helps you to concentrate on your goals making the writing process more manageable.

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