Can Turnitin Detect Essays Bought Online? Proven Answer 2023

Turnitin, a plagiarism detection tool, is widely used by educational institutions to detect instances of academic dishonesty. “Can Turnitin detect essays bought online?” is often at the back of the mind of many students who buy cheap coursework online. While Turnitin is effective in detecting instances of plagiarism, it is unable to detect cases of purchased essays.

Essays bought from a custom essay writing service are usually authentic and custom-made to meet the requirements specific to the client. Below, we will explore what Turnitin detects in documents and ways to bypass Turnitin plagiarism detection in essays.


What does Turnitin detect in essays?

Turnitin compares a submitted essay to a vast database of previously submitted papers, academic journals, and other online sources to identify similarities and potential instances of plagiarism. When you submit an essay to Turnitin, the software generates an originality report that highlights any areas of concern.

The report identifies any text that matches other sources and provides a similarity score which indicates the percentage of the essay that is similar to other texts. Turnitin detects various types of content in essays, including:

Directly copied text

A key feature of Turnitin is its ability to identify instances of copy and paste. With its advanced text-matching algorithms, Turnitin can quickly scan through a vast database of sources to detect any content that has been copied and pasted into a submitted essay without proper citation.

Paraphrased content

Paraphrasing involves rephrasing a section of text from another source in one’s own words without providing proper attribution. While this may seem like a legitimate approach to incorporating outside information into an essay, it is still considered a form of plagiarism if not properly cited.

Turnitin’s advanced text-matching algorithms enable it to identify instances of paraphrasing by comparing the structure and language of submitted text with that of its vast database of sources. In this way, it can identify instances where a writer has rephrased content from another source without proper attribution.


A noteworthy feature of Turnitin is its ability to detect instances of self-plagiarism, which occurs when a student submits an essay that they have previously submitted for another assignment without proper attribution. This is considered unethical as it deceives educators into believing that the work is original and new when in fact, it is not.

Turnitin’s advanced algorithms enable it to detect instances of self-plagiarism by comparing submitted essays to its extensive database of sources. In this way, it identifies any overlap between previously submitted work and newly submitted work.

Improper citations

While including citations in an essay is an important part of academic writing, it is equally important to format them correctly and include all necessary information to give proper credit to the sources.

Turnitin’s advanced algorithms enable it to flag instances where a writer has included citations but has not formatted them correctly or has left out important information, such as the author’s name, publication date, or page numbers. This helps educators ensure that students are not only including citations but are doing so correctly and accurately.

Similar sentence structure

An essential feature of Turnitin is its ability to identify instances where a writer has used sentence structures that are very similar to those found in other sources. Such similarities may indicate plagiarism, even if the words used are not identical.

Turnitin’s advanced algorithms are capable of detecting subtle similarities in sentence structure between submitted work and its extensive database of sources. This helps educators identify instances where a writer may have copied sentence structures from other sources without proper attribution.

Turnitin is an indispensable tool for promoting ethical academic practices and fostering a culture of academic honesty in educational institutions. Its ability to identify and address instances of plagiarism makes it an essential tool for educators and students.

Can Turnitin Detect Essays Bought Online? Turnitin does not flag custom essays

“Can Turnitin detect essays bought online?” has become a widely asked question. It is often assumed that Turnitin detects custom essays purchased online, but this is not entirely true. Custom essays produced by reputable online writing services are typically authentic and cannot be flagged by Turnitin.

Expert writers employed by online writing services take great care to produce original work that meets the unique standards and requirements of each assignment. They are well-versed in academic writing conventions and follow all relevant rules and guidelines to the letter, including proper citation practices and adherence to formatting requirements.

Custom essays purchased from reputable coursework writing services are original works produced specifically for each client and cannot be detected by Turnitin. This makes custom essay writing services a valuable resource for students seeking high-quality, original work that meets the specific requirements of their assignments. Do not stress over missing assignments as you can buy custom essays from WritersABC.

How to bypass Turnitin plagiarism in an essay

Can Turnitin Detect Essays Bought Online?

Turnitin is a commonly used tool by educators and institutions to flag unauthentic work and to uphold academic integrity. However, some strategies potentially bypass Turnitin’s plagiarism detection. Some of these strategies include:

Change the document’s format

Changing the format of a document makes it more difficult for plagiarism detection tools to detect similarities between two documents. This is because plagiarism detection tools typically rely on text-matching algorithms to compare the text of two documents to identify similarities.

Altering the format of a document is a relatively simple technique. It can be done quickly and easily using any word processing software. If the format of the text is changed, such as by changing the font, spacing, or layout, it makes it more difficult for these algorithms to identify similarities between the two documents.

Order a written essay from custom essay writing services

When you order a custom-written essay from a reputable writing service, you provide the writer with specific instructions and requirements for the essay. These directives may include the topic, the length, specific rules, and any formatting requirements.

The writer then researches the topic, writes the essay from scratch, and delivers it to you. Since the essay is written specifically for you and based on your instructions, it is unique and original and cannot be detected by Turnitin.

Reputable writing services have strict policies against plagiarism and use advanced plagiarism detection software to ensure that the work is authentic and free from any copied content. They hire professional writers who have expertise in various fields and produce high-quality essays that meet academic standards. These writers are well-versed in academic writing styles and provide you with an essay that is well-structured, well-researched, and properly cited.


Paraphrasing is a common strategy used to bypass plagiarism detection tools such as Turnitin. It involves rewording the original text into one’s own words while maintaining the original meaning and ideas presented in the source document.

When done effectively, paraphrasing makes the text sufficiently different from the original, making it difficult for plagiarism detection tools to flag it. This is because these tools typically rely on text-matching algorithms to compare the text of two documents and identify similarities.

Adjust the language

Adjusting the document’s language involves changing the wording, phrasing, and sentence structure of the original text without changing the meaning or the ideas presented. This is done by using synonyms or rephrasing sentences differently.

Taking a different approach, such as using a different tone or voice in a similar document turns it into a completely different document, but still retains the aspects of the original document.  If the adjusted language is competently different from the original document, it bypasses plagiarism by software tools that use text-matching algorithms such as Turnitin.

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“Can Turnitin detect essays bought online?” has been a concern for people seeking writing services online. Turnitin is a requisite tool for identifying instances of plagiarism to promote academic integrity. Its advanced algorithms detect direct copying, instances of paraphrasing without proper citation, improper citations, and similarities in sentence structure.

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