The Bombing of Baghdad

Choose one of the 4 choices below and complete the assignment in accordance with the grading rubric!!!


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The Bombing of Baghdad
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Stick to the grading rubric 100%




You have some choices to make regarding what you do for your poetry project. The following breaks down the assignments. You will apply the same analytical skills that you did in your group discussion and analysis of the poems you chose for your class discussion. But this time you will use these elements of poetry to analyze a poem of your choosing (not one that we worked with in class), to create a poem and discuss the decisions you made, or to make a visual interpretation of a poem and connect the decisions you made in your interpretation to the elements of the poem that inspired it.


How Do I Choose a Poem? Choose a poem by first thinking about topics that interest you or particular places or poets you may be curious about or particular times. Then, do a search for that on and see what you find. Read through poetry. You may also want to look on YouTube to see if you can find anyone reading any particular pieces of poetry, or you may want to use a search engine, such as Google, to search for something like: “poetry about San Francisco” or any combination of things and see what you come up with. Read through and narrow

it down. Decide which poem seems reasonably approachable for you and is complex enough for you to have to analyze at least eight aspects of the poetry.




No matter what project choice you decide to do, you should take at least eight of the elements into the consideration in your project in a detailed way.


1. What are some themes you notice in the poem?


2. What kind of form is it? Is it an epic? An elegy, a sonnet, allegory, or one of the other forms that were explained in the earlier PowerPoint video? If not, is it free form?


3. What genre is it, and what country is it from, and what time frame was it written in? Are there any particular trends from this time and place that this poem might follow?


4. What is the narration of the poem – who is the speaker’s persona? Is it written in the first, second, or third person? Remember, just like a first-person fiction piece, we can’t assume the “I” in a poem necessarily represents the author themselves.


5. Do you notice any repetition in the poem? If so, what repeats (don’t think about rhyme here, though – just words). This might be a clue about the theme of the poem. Also, are there word associations in the poem that naturally flow together? Is there a word that breaks a word association? What other aspects of diction or anaphora strike you, as well as any unusual juxtapositions of words?

6. What kind of imagery is used in the poem, and how does it make you feel? What metaphors do you see? Are there any odd juxtapositions (things that are next to each other that don’t seem to belong?) of imagery?


7. What are some examples of other types of literary devices that are used in the poem? Some of these may be personification, anthropomorphism, simile, and symbolism.


8. How might the formatting affect the poem? They can include the use of white space, line length, enjambment, caesura, punctuation, visual elements, and placement on the page?


9. What is the meter or rhythm? Think about syllables, stressed syllables, and feet – especially for formal poetry, but even for free form poetry. Does the poem move back between a formal meter and a free form? Why might that be?


10. What is the rhyme scheme, if any, and why do you think the rhyming is working this way? (Or why might there be a lack of rhyme?) How might other sound play alliteration, assonance, consonance, and dissonance relate to the message of the poem?


11. How might line length, caesura, and enjambment relate the rhythm to the rhyme here, and why might those choices have been made for the message of the poem?




**Detailed Choices for Poetry Project**

No matter which choice you make, your project must explain at least eight of the relevant elements that we discussed in this unit as they pertain to your analysis of the poem. Only choose elements that are actually used in the poem.


Choice 1

Make a visually creative work (a painting, video (not a PowerPoint), diorama, or detailed collage) based on the poem you choose. You will then write an at-least two-page rationale (or reasoning) of your creative work, explaining how the details of your creative work relate to different elements of the poem and how you interpret the poem, as well as what you believe the writer’s purpose was. Please turn in the poem with your creative work and rationale. Please note, the rationale does not need to be in essay format although it would be helpful if you keep elements that are very different from each other in separate paragraphs.


Choice 2

You may write and, optionally, perform your own poem to the class. Your poem should be of a certain form (please name it at the top) and include at least eight of the elements listed above (not including personal information about the author or the place or time when it was written). You should also write an at-least two-page rationale (or reasoning) of your creative work, explaining the different elements of the poem and why you made the choices you did in your poem. If you perform your poem, you should also explain this to the class. Please turn in the poem and your rationale.


Choice 3

You may choose a poem and write an at-least three-page analytical essay (MLA format) about how the various elements (at least eight from the list) to help develop what you see as the theme/main idea of the poem. Hence, you will need to decide what you think is (not just the topic). Please note, there will not be time for peer review of the essay if you choose this option.


Choice 4

You may choose a poem and create an eight-minute, visually appealing, recorded presentation (with PowerPoint or Slides – will need to be recorded and uploaded using Zoom or on your YouTube channel) about the poem. For this choice, you will also need to decide what you believe the main idea/theme of the poem is (not just the topic). You will be expected to have just the basics on your slide and have the rest of your explanation be spoken and practiced so that you don’t sound like you’re reading.

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