Cell Respiration Lab

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Cell Respiration Lab
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Lab 7: Cellular Respiration
In this lab, you will investigate fermentation and aerobic cellular respiration.
1. Discuss the process of cellular respiration
2. Write the general chemical equation for respiration. Explain, in words, cellular
respiration and describe its importance.
3. Discuss the two types of cellular respiration- aerobic respiration and fermentation
4. Discuss the efficiency of the respiration and its ATP yield.
5. Discuss the two types of fermentation- alcohol and lactic acid fermentation
6. Students will form a hypothesis based on their knowledge of cellular respiration and
fermentation by performing two experiments.
7. Students will be asked to explain whether or not their hypothesis was supported by results
and why.
8. During follow up discussion students will be asked to verbally explain what they
observed during the experiment and their conclusions related to their hypothesis.
In fermentation, glucose is broken down to pyruvate, and then to either lactate
or alcohol and carbon dioxide. One of the disadvantages of fermentation is the low energy
yield. Only 2 ATPs are produced per glucose molecule. Write down the two reactions of
fermentation here:
___________________________ ________________________________
Experiment Objective:
In this lab, you will investigate the ability of yeast to ferment glucose
and starch. (You should review the chemical composition of glucose and starch.) You will
monitor fermentation by measuring the production of CO
cellular respiration
: refers to respiration in the presence of oxygen. (
refers to a process in the absence of oxygen.) Aerobic cellular respiration breaks down
glucose completely to carbon dioxide and water (C
+ 6O

+ 6H
O). Because
oxygen is present, pyruvate from glycolysis enters the mitochondrion and is completely
oxidized. Oxygen serves as the final recipient of electrons from the electron transport
system. Oxygen “pulls” electrons off the electron transport system. Thirty-two to 34 ATPs
are formed via the electron transport system. This is in addition to the 4 ATPs formed via
substrate-level phosphorylation. Thus, 36-38 ATPs are formed from one molecule of glucose
via aerobic cellular respiration. After oxygen accepts electrons, it combines with hydrogen
ions to form water. Write down the reaction of aerobic respiration here:
Experiment Objective:
In this lab, you will compare the cellular respiration of germinating and
non-germinating soybeans. You will monitor cellular respiration by measuring the amount of O
which is used by the reaction.
Experiment 1: Fermentation
In this lab, you will use respirometers to measure the amount of gas released and/or
consumed. Respirometers create a closed system that allows for measurement and helps prevent
outside factors from affecting the experimental results.
Which of the three tubes- deionized water, glucose solution, and the starch solution will
the yeast ferment the fastest? Why?
1) Watch the Yeast Fermentation Video available in Canvas.
2) Navigate to the “Fermentation Simulation” available in Canvas and follow the on-screen
instructions up to Step 6.
3) At step 6, stop and fill out the following information.
Control: _____________________
Independent Variable: _______________________
Dependent Variable: _________________________
Constants: _________________________
4) Continue following the on-screen instructions and fill out the following table.
DATA results:
Flask Contents
What happened to the balloon?
1. Why did the setup in this experiment permit the yeast to perform only fermentation?
2. You were measuring the change in volume of what gas in this experiment?
3. Which flask in this experiment was the control?
4. Which flask carried on fermentation at the fastest rate? _______ Why?
Was your hypothesis accepted or refuted? Why?
Experiment 2: Aerobic Cellular Respiration
When cellular respiration occurs, oxygen is taken up and carbon dioxide gas (CO
) is
released. This CO
is a waste product for cell respiration, but is it always waste? In this
experiment, you will study a system of animals and plants, to find out how CO
cycles through
living organisms.
How does CO
cycle through a system of snails and
1. Navigate to the “Carbon Transfer Through Snails & Elodea Simulation” available in Canvas.
2. Select “Carbon Transfer Through Snails & Elodea” from the list.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the simulation, and answer the following
a. Note: Your experimental set-up MUST contain snails.
Control: _________________________
Independent Variable: _______________________
Dependent Variable: _________________________
Constants: _________________________
Tube #
Starting Color
Predicted End Color
Actual End Color
1. What is the relationship between the snails and the

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